"Keep an eye on this kid as he continues to develop into an amazing rider." Next Moto Champion

2013 Moto West Grand Prix 600 Superbike Champion
2013 Moto West Grand Prix 750 Superstock Champion

2011 WERA West Formula 2 Expert Champion

2011 WERA West Clubman Expert Champion
2010 SCminiGP Pro GP Champion
2010 Next Moto Champion Winner 
2010 WERA West Sunday Formula 80 Champion

2009 SCminiGP Thumpstar GP Champion

2008 SCminiGP Semi-Pro Junior Champion

2007 SCminiGP Blata Cup Champion


Bike: 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6
Grips: Spider
Sprockets: Superlite
Rearsets: Vortex
Exhaust: Graves
Bar Ends and Frame Sliders: Vortex Racing
Suspension: Ohlins
Brake Lines: Galfer
Brake Pads: Galfer
Brake Rotors: Galfer
Oil and Lubricants: TORCO
Tire Warmers: Chicken Hawk Racing
On Board Cameras: GoPro
Engine Management: Dynojet
Steering Stabilizer: GPR
Seat Covers and Tank Pads: HT Moto
Tuner and Dyno: Tuned Industries
Engine Builder: Tuned Racing
Suspension Tuning: Tuned Racing and Graves Motorsports
Paint: SBK Paint
Bodywork: Optimal Racing
Graphics: EF Signs

Back Protector: Impact Safe-T Armor
Chest Protector: Impact Safe-T Armor
Leathers: RS Taichi
Gloves: RS Taichi
Boots: AXO Lancer
Helmet: NEXX
VNM Sport Gear

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